1 Stage 2 Stage High Torque Original Delta Gearbox PS090


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1 Stage 2 Stage High Torque Original Delta Gearbox PS090

The 1 Stage 2 Stage High Torque Original Delta Gearbox PS090 is a precision gearbox designed for various applications including motors, machinery, and agricultural machinery. It features a hardened tooth surface for increased durability and a vertical installation design. The gearbox has a coaxial layout and utilizes a conical-cylindrical gear shape for optimal performance. It is a single-step gearbox that offers high rigidity and high torque.

Key Features:
– High Rigidity, High Torque: The gearbox employs uncaged needle roller bearings with a set design including ring teeth, gearbox, and helical gears for high rigidity and output torque.
– High Precision: The backlash for 1-stage gearbox is under 8 arcmin, and for 2-stage gearbox is under 12 arcmin.
– High Efficiency: The efficiency for 1-stage model exceeds 95%, and for 2-stage model exceeds 92%.
– Low Noise: The gearbox uses helical gears capable of meshing to ensure smooth and quiet operation.
– Lifetime Lubrication: The protective class IP65 seal design avoids leakage problems and requires no lubrication during the product’s lifetime.

The 1 Stage 2 Stage High Torque Original Delta Gearbox PS090 is widely used in various industries such as CNC lathe machinery, plasma cutting machines, packing machinery, conveyor belts, wind power gear motors, and AC servo motors. It is a reliable and efficient gearbox that can enhance the performance of your machinery.

Payment, Package & Delivery:
1. Payment: We accept various payment methods including T/T, Western Union, Paypal, and L/C.
2. Package: Small gearboxes are packaged in cartons, while big gearboxes are packaged in wooden boxes.
3. Delivery: We offer international express, air, and sea delivery options.

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