1224 Advertising Woodworking CNC Router Machinery CNC Engraver for Wood Acrylic PVC MDF


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1224 Advertising Woodworking CNC Router Machinery CNC Engraver for Wood Acrylic PVC MDF

The 1224 Advertising Woodworking CNC Router Machinery CNC Engraver is a versatile machine suitable for various applications such as woodworking, metalworking, plastic, glass, stone, rubber, advertising, and mold. With its high power and AC current, it provides efficient and precise cutting, engraving, and carving operations.

1. Welded steel tube structure with vibration temper aging treatment ensures long-term deformation resistance. The cast iron gantry provides strong and stable support.
2. The transverse aluminum alloy T-slot working table allows for easy material fixing.
3. Equipped with a large power 3.2kw water cooling spindle, the machine delivers stable performance, low noise, and high torque. The high-performance frequency inverter further enhances its capabilities.
4. The machine utilizes imported Hiwin Taiwan linear square guide rail with ball bearing slide block, ensuring high weight capacity, precision, and smooth operation. The imported precision ball screws enable accurate tool feeding.
5. The machine features helical gears pinion and rack transmission for the X and Y axes, providing higher running speed and efficiency. The Z-axis is equipped with a precision ball screw for high precision and durability.
6. The XYZ-axis is driven by China famous 86BYGH450B stepper motor and driver, offering high precision, fast speed, and stability. The dual motor driven Y-axis allows for traveling speed of over 25000mm/min.
7. The machine is equipped with the DSP A11 (RichAuto) offline control system with a USB interface, enabling independent operation without the need for a computer. The handle-type operation is simple and convenient, with high processing speed, curve and straight line synchronization, and automatic spindle start and stop.
8. A dust collector is included to efficiently remove dust and milling debris, keeping the machine clean.
9. The machine can be equipped with a 4th axis rotary axis, allowing for precision cylinder processing.
10. The semi-auto lubrication system makes maintenance more convenient.
11. The auto tool calibration feature simplifies the Z-axis zero-point setting process.
12. The machine is compatible with various CAM software, such as Type3, Artcam, Mastercam, and Caxa. It also offers intelligent over-limit protection to prevent mechanical collision.
13. Break-point memory, power failure resuming, and automatic home/origin correction functions ensure long-term working precision.

Technical Parameters:
– Effective working area: 1300mm x 2500mm x 300mm
– 4th axis rotary axis: Diameter 50-200mm, working length 50-2000mm, reduction gear transmission
– Materials: More thickness steel pipe welded machine holder bed, cast iron gantry
– Working table: Aluminum T-slot working table (transverse)
– Moving type: Gantry moving
– Guide rail: Linear square guide rail (Hiwin, Taiwan, diameter 20mm)
– Transmission: Helical rack & pinion for X and Y-axis, lead ball screw for Z-axis
– Driving mode: Stepper motor (86BYGH450B) and driver (DMA860H, Leadshine