12V Low Speed Small Reduction Gearbox Motor for Soft Towel machine


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12V Low Speed Small Reduction Gearbox Motor for Soft Towel Machine

This low speed small reduction gearbox motor is designed for use in soft towel machines. It is suitable for various applications, including universal, industrial, household appliances, cars, and power tools. The motor operates at a low speed and is excited for precise control and driving. The casing is open type for easy access. It has 4 poles and features customization options for different requirements.

Product Parameters:
– Model No.: KM-32A360-278-1217.3
– Size details:
– Motor Diameter: φ27.7mm
– Gearbox length: 32.6mm
– Shaft length: customization


Ratio Model No. Voltage No Load On Load
Current Speed Current Torque Speed
V V A r/min A kg·cm r/min
1/278 KM-32A360-278-1217.3 6.0-24.0 12 0.052 17.3 0.252 6 13.1

All technical data can be customized for different applications. We offer a range of customized items, including DC motors, gearbox motors, vibration motors, and automotive motors. We also provide accessories such as encoders, gears, worms, wires, connectors, and various types of bearings. The motor can be configured with different shaft options, end caps, and brush types to meet specific requirements.

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