1325 CNC Router Machine for Engraving Woodworking Window and Wooden Door, Wooden Leg, Sink, Tank, Table, Chair


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1325 CNC Router Machine for Engraving Woodworking Window and Wooden Door, Wooden Leg, Sink, Tank, Table, Chair

The 1325 CNC Router Machine is a new, CNC-certified machine suitable for engraving woodworking projects such as windows, wooden doors, wooden legs, sinks, tanks, tables, and chairs. It has a working area of 1300*2500*200mm and features a sturdy structure made of 10-12mm industrial class square tube.

The X, Y, Z structure of the machine utilizes helical rack gear for the X and Y axis, and a Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z travel. The machine is equipped with Sweden SKF group ABBA linear guide and rails, ensuring smooth and precise movement. The maximum working speed is 30000m/min.

The machine is powered by an original Italy HSD 7KW air cooling spindle, capable of spindle speeds ranging from 0 to 24000RPM. It is driven by FL118 bigger stepper motors and YAKO2811 drivers. The Taiwan DELTA 7.5KW inverter provides efficient power control. The control system is a RichAuto DSPA11 handle controller with a USB port for easy connectivity.

Additional features of the machine include an automatic lubrication system, manual tool sensor calibration, and a spare parts package that includes Japan OMRON limit switches, a double bags dust collector, and French Schneider electric parts. The machine is compatible with Artcam 2012 software.

The 1325 CNC Router Machine is widely used in various industries. In the wood furniture industry, it can be used for doors, cabinets, tables, chairs, and more. It is also suitable for signage, advertising materials, and non-metallic mold making. Additionally, it can be used for artwork, decoration, and 3D engraving.

Optional parts for the machine include an oil/water mist cooling sprayer, spindle cover and dust collector for enhanced safety and cleanliness, a pump for vacuum or water circulation, and a rotary device for engraving cylindrical objects.

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