90 Degree Solid Output Gearbox S Series Worm Gear Units


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90 Degree Solid Output Gearbox S Series Worm Gear Units

The 90 Degree Solid Output Gearbox S Series Worm Gear Units are widely used in various industries such as motors, machinery, and industry. They are known for their hardened hardness and horizontal installation. The gearbox has a right-angle layout and features helical gears and a double-step design.

One of the key characteristics of the S series helical worm gearbox is its high transmission efficiency and loading capability compared to single-stage worm wheel transmission. Despite its compact size, the S series worm gearbox offers a higher transmission ratio and can be combined with different gearboxes and speed variators to meet various requirements.

The S series gearbox comes in different designs, including foot-mounted with a solid shaft, helical worm gearbox with a hollow shaft, small flange-mounted helical worm gearbox with a hollow shaft, and more. The gearbox can be customized to suit specific motor or special motor requirements.

Here are some detailed parameters of the gearbox:

Size: 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 88, 98
Structure: S, SA, SF, SAF, SAT, SAZ
Input Power: 0.18-22KW
Ratio: 10.27-230.48
Maximum Torque: 90-4000N.m

The 90 Degree Solid Output Gearbox S Series Worm Gear Units find applications in various industries, including electricity, coal, cement, metallurgy, agriculture, and more. They are suitable for tasks such as lifting, stage equipment, logistics, and paper making.

These gearboxes have a rated power ranging from 0.18KW to 22KW and an output speed ranging from 0.16r/min to 147r/min. The output torque ranges from 90N.m to 4000N.m. The gearboxes can be mounted in different forms, including foot-mounted, flange-mounted, shaft-mounted, and torque arm-mounted.

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