ABS Police Safety Military Style Protective Metal Frame Anti Riot Helmet


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ABS Police Safety Military Style Protective Metal Frame Anti Riot Helmet

The ABS Police Safety Military Style Protective Metal Frame Anti Riot Helmet is a high-quality helmet designed for various applications such as construction, metallurgy, electric power industry, transportation, and riot control. It is made of durable ABS material, providing reliable protection for the head, face, and back of the neck.

Product Description:

– PROTECTION: The helmet is designed to protect against acids, inflammable liquids, and hard weight objects.
– MATERIAL AND COLOR: The framework of the helmet is built with a high-density polycarbonate alloy ABS or PBT in one single piece, and it comes in the color black.
– NAPE OF THE NECK AND NECK PROTECTION: The back part of the neck is reinforced with natural leather waterproof material, measuring approximately 18 ±1cm long.
– HELMET INTERNAL MATERIAL: The internal material of the helmet is made of a strong impact-resisting material covered with natural leather. It is easy to clean and has an adjustment system for the circumference of the head.
– WEIGHT: The helmet weighs approximately 1.6KG-1.8KG.
– VISOR: The helmet features an injected polycarbonate visor, 4mm thick, which is colorless, transparent, and can be moved up and down. It has an anti-fog treatment and is attached to the helmet with rust-resistant and rubber-sealed screws. The visor also protects the face against water.
– CHIN CLIP: The helmet has a nylon strap with anti-fungal chin protection, along with an anti-rust metallic clip.
– SIZE: The helmet is available in multiple sizes.

Model: Police Non-ballistic Anti Riot Helmet with Steel Mesh

1. Body: The helmet is made of reinforced ABS material, which can be imported or indigenous.
2. Visor: The visor is made of sclerous PC material, fog-proof and scratch-proof. Customers can request specific visor capabilities.
3. Color: The helmet is available in black, green, white, or customization options.
4. Lens: The lens can be convex or flat in shape.
5. Chip Strap: The chip strap is made of rubber.

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