Atc CNC Router Woodworking Machine


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ATC CNC Router Woodworking Machine

The ATC CNC Router Woodworking Machine is a versatile and high-powered tool that can be used for various applications. It is designed for woodworking, metalworking, plastic processing, glass cutting, stone carving, rubber manufacturing, advertising production, and mold making.

The machine comes with a circular auto tool changing system, allowing for fast and efficient tool changes. With 8/10/12/18/20 tool stations, you can easily switch between different tools within just 2 seconds. The heavy-duty machine body ensures high working accuracy, and the sand-filled square tube adds stability and weight to the machine.

All the spare parts used in this machine are of the highest quality. The Italy HSD spindle and tool holder, Taiwan HIWIN square rails, Japan Yaskawa servo motor, and Taiwan Syntec controller are just some of the top brands used in this machine. These components ensure the machine’s reliability and durability.

The ATC CNC Router is suitable for various materials such as wood, PVC, ABS sheet, acrylic, aluminum, brass, and steel. It is commonly used in the furniture industry for making doors, windows, and kitchen cabinets. It can also be used for creating mini acrylic letters.

Technical Parameters:
– Model: AC