Automatic PE Paper Extrusion Film Coating Laminating Machines


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Automatic PE Paper Extrusion Film Coating Laminating Machines

The Automatic PE Paper Extrusion Film Coating Laminating Machines are widely used in various industries. They have a classification of Pre-Coating Laminating Machine and are driven by electricity. These machines have an automatic grade, making them very convenient to use.

The after-sales service for these machines is fully supported, and they come with a warranty of 1 year.

The main application of these machines is for laminating film materials and fabric. They can be customized according to specific needs and requests.

Product Description

These machines have excellent performance and characteristics. They make use of the adhesive properties of polypropylene and polyethylene to laminate paper or color-printed OPP and CPP film to nonwoven fabric. The extruder with a helical gear reducer steel adjusts the melting temperature using an automatic temperature-control system. The screw and cylinder are made of 38CRMOAIA alloy steel and treated with nitrogenation.

The double-die design allows for single or double-face coating, and the width of coating and laminating can be regulated. The machines also come with automatic edge cutting, edge-blowing, cutting-off, and winding devices.

This machine has the functions of fully automatic material receiving and refueling, PLC control system, fully automatic weight control system, and a user-friendly man-machine operation interface. It is a high-quality product in the industry.


– ZD-FMF 105 / 1000: Diameter of extruder screw: 105mm, L/D ratio of screw: 28:1, Number of Die: 2, Width of Die: 1000mm, Total power: 60kw, Power of extruder motor: 18.5kw, Weight: 5500kg

– ZD-FMF 105 / 1200: Diameter of extruder screw: 105mm, L/D ratio of screw: 28:1, Number of Die: 1/2, Width of Die: 1200mm, Total power: 90kw, Power of extruder motor: 18.5kw, Weight: 6000kg

– ZD-FMF 105 / 1600: Diameter of extruder screw: 120mm, L/D ratio of screw: 28:1, Number of Die: 1, Width of Die: 1600mm, Total power: 120kw, Power of extruder motor: 22.5kw, Weight: 7000kg


1. How long will it take for your engineer to reach our factory?
Within one week after everything is ready.

2. How many days will it take to finish installation?
Installation and training will be completed within 15 days.

3. What should we charge for your engineer?
You should cover the cost of air tickets, hotel, food, and a daily salary of $80 per person.

4. How long is the warranty period for the machine?
There is a one-year guarantee for electricity parts and a two-year guarantee for the mechanism, starting from the finished installation.

5. What if the parts break within the warranty period?
We will provide free replacement parts during the warranty period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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2. Are these machines suitable for industrial use?
3. How often should the machines be maintained?
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