Car Hydraulic Steering Gear for Nissan


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Car Hydraulic Steering Gear for Nissan

The Car Hydraulic Steering Gear for Nissan is a vital component in the steering system of Nissan vehicles. It is designed to assist the driver in steering the vehicle smoothly and effortlessly. This steering gear is made from high-quality materials such as aluminum, steel, rubber, and plastic, ensuring durability and reliability.

Product Specifications:

– Warranty: 12 Months
– Type: Steering Gears/Shaft
– Material: Aluminum, Steel, Rubber, Plastic
– Certification: ISO, CE
– Automatic: Automatic
– Standard: Standard

Product Description:

The Car Hydraulic Steering Gear for Nissan, also known as the steering gear, is specifically designed for NISSAN vehicles. Its part number/OE number is 49001-4W000. This steering gear is suitable for NISSAN cars with left-hand drive (LHD). It is made from high-quality aluminum material, ensuring its durability and longevity. The warranty for this product is 1 year, providing customers with peace of mind.

Common Use Scenarios:

– Daily commuting
– Long-distance travel
– Off-road adventures

Advantages of Car Hydraulic Steering Gear:

– Smooth and effortless steering
– Improved handling and control
– Enhanced safety while driving
– Long-lasting performance

Material Options:

– Aluminum: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant
– Steel: Strong and durable
– Rubber: Provides flexibility and shock absorption
– Plastic: Lightweight and cost-effective

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair:

Installing the Car Hydraulic Steering Gear is a straightforward process and should be done by a professional mechanic. Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance. If any issues arise, it is advisable to consult with a qualified technician for repair or replacement.

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1. What are the typical steering parts you offer?
– We specialize in power steering rack, power steering pump, ball joint, stabilizer link, and tie rod end.

2. Do you have steering gears in stock?
– Yes, we have some hot-selling types of steering gears in stock. If you need a small quantity, it is possible to fulfill your request.

3. Are your steering gears brand new or rebuilt?
– Our steering gears are brand new. If you have any specific requirements, please feel free to discuss them with us.

4. How do you handle quality complaints?
– We take quality complaints seriously and respond to customers promptly. We investigate the issue with our factory and, if it is our fault, we will either produce new goods or provide a refund. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

5. Do you offer other products besides steering gears?
– Yes, our company, EVER-POWER GROUP, also supplies various Plastic Gears used in industries such as Plastic Spur Gear, Plastic Helical Gear, Plastic Worm Gear, Plastic Bevel Gear, Plastic Pinion Gear, Plastic Nylon Gear, Plastic Transmission Gear, Plastic Sprocket Gear, Plastic Wheel Gear, Plastic Injection Gear, Plastic Ring Gear, Plastic Rack Gear, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. Customization based on drawings or samples is also available.