Cardboard Cutting and Creasing Machine Cheap Die Cutting Manual Die Cutter and Creasing Machine


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Cardboard Cutting and Creasing Machine Cheap Die Cutting Manual Die Cutter and Creasing Machine

The cardboard cutting and creasing machine is a versatile equipment designed to cut ordinary cardboard, corrugated board, plastic, and leather products. It finds extensive applications in the printing, packaging, decorating, and plastic industries. This machine boasts a compact structure, fine workmanship, high pressure, precise cutting, and easy operation.

– The machine body is made of top-quality materials, ensuring high strength and durability.
– It operates smoothly, with low noise, thanks to the herringbone gear input and helical gear output mechanism.
– The single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
– The operational altitude is well-arranged, allowing for optimal platen opening.
– The electrical system complies with IEC standards.
– It offers single and continuous operation modes, adjustable dwell time, and efficient opening.
– The safety system is reliable.
– It has a concentrated lubricating system.

Product Specifications: ML-750 Die Cutting and Creasing Machine

– Frame inner size: 750×520mm
– Dimension: 1350×1500×1600mm
– Speed: 26±2/Min
– Rule length: <18m - Weight: 2000kg - Motor power: 2.2KW-4H

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