China Precision Metal Steel Transmission Gear and Helical Pinion Gear


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**China Precision Metal Steel Transmission Gear and Helical Pinion Gear**

Product Description:
The China Precision Metal Steel Transmission Gear and Helical Pinion Gear are high-quality alloy steel gears designed for drive shaft applications. They have a straight shaft axis shape and a round appearance shape. The rotation direction is clockwise (Cw). These gears have a yield of 5,000 pieces per month.

Product Parameters:
– Item: Spur Gear Axle Shaft
– Material: Alloy Steel (4140, 4340, 40Cr, 42Crmo, 42Crmo4, 20Cr, 20CrMnti, 20Crmo, 35Crmo)
– OEM NO: Customize
– Certification: ISO/TS16949
– Test Requirement: Magnetic Powder Test, Hardness Test, Dimension Test
– Color: Paint, Natural Finish, Machining All Around
– Material Options: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper/Brass/Bronze/Red Copper, Plastic (ABS, PP, PC, Nylon, Delrin, Bakelite)
– Size: According to customer’s drawing or samples
– Process: CNC machining, Turning, Milling, Stamping, Grinding, Welding, Wire Injection, Cutting, etc.
– Tolerance: ≥+/-0.03mm
– Surface Treatment: (Sandblast)&(Hard)&(Color)Anodizing, (Chrome, Nickel, Zinc…)Plating, Painting, Powder Coating, Polishing, Blackened, Hardened, Lasering, Engraving, etc.
– File Formats: ProE, SolidWorks, UG, CAD, PDF(IGS, X-T, STP, STL)
– Sample: Available
– Packing: Spline protect cover, Wood box, Waterproof membrane, or per customers’ requirements.

– High-quality alloy steel material for durability and strength
– Various material options to meet different requirements
– Customizable according to customer’s drawing or samples
– Precise CNC machining and other advanced processes
– Strict quality control with certification standards
– Wide range of surface treatments available
– Suitable for various applications and industries
– Professional engineering support available

1. Can these gears be used as replacement parts for my existing machinery?
– Yes, these gears are designed as replacement parts and can be used in a wide range of machinery and equipment.

2. What makes these gears suitable for drive shaft applications?
– These gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, providing excellent strength and durability for the demanding nature of drive shaft systems.

3. Are these gears customizable to specific requirements?
– Yes, these gears can be customized according to customer’s specific drawings or samples, allowing for precise adaptation to different applications.

4. What surface treatments are available for these gears?
– These gears can be treated with various surface finishes such as anodizing, plating, painting, powder coating, and more, to enhance their appearance and performance.

5. Are these gears compatible with different types of machinery?
– Yes, these gears are versatile and can be used in a wide range of machinery including automotive, industrial, agricultural, and more.

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