China Stone Material Tea Tray Carving CNC Router Machine


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China Stone Material Tea Tray Carving CNC Router Machine

The China Stone Material Tea Tray Carving CNC Router Machine is a versatile machine designed for cutting and line engraving. It is specifically designed for working with marble materials and offers automatic control with CNC technology. The machine is equipped with a high-power motor and provides a wide adjustable range for engraving head speed.

– Cutting
– Line engraving

Application Material:
– Marble

– Automatic


Motor Power:
– High Power

Engraving Head Speed Adjustability:
– Wide Adjustable Range

– Available
– Customized Request

Product Description:

The China Stone Material Tea Tray Carving CNC Router Machine is a highly efficient and versatile machine used in the processing of quartz stone, marble, granite, and other materials. It is commonly used for countertop, wash basin, shaped lines, grinding, and cutting processes. With 15 years of experience in production, ISO9001:2008, CE, SGS, and AAA Level Enterprise certifications, this machine is reliable and of high quality.

– 2D sculpture
– 3D relief
– Cutting
– Chamfering
– Drilling
– Engraving

Applicable Materials:
– Marble
– Jade
– Granite
– Tombstones
– Milestones
– Ceramic tiles
– Glass
– Bluestones

Application Scope:
– Stone processing
– Countertop
– Wash basin
– Shaped lines
– Grinding and cutting process
– Tombstone processing
– Mold processing
– Art relief
– Decoration
– Ceramic processing
– Advertising industry

– Model: Marble and Granite Coutertops Engraving, Polishing, Chamfering CNC Machine
– X/Y/Z Axis Working Area: 1600*3000*240mm
– Machine Size: 4010*2700*2400mm (After disassembling, size should be around 4010*2250*2400mm)
– Working Table: Aviation aluminum plate + engineering plastic table top
– Machine Structure: Thick steel welded, with aging treatment
– Control System: NC Studio NC65C
– Drive Motor: Leadshine servo motor and Stepper driver motor
– Spindle Motor Power: 5.5KW+7.5KW water cooled spindle
– Spindle Speed: Adjustable Rotational Speed with 0-24000 rpm/min
– Inverter: Zoncn (Optional with Fuling)
– Drive System: X/Y axis helical rack & pinion, Z axis Taiwan ball screw
– Guide Rail: Taiwan imported linear guide rail PMI
– Cooling System: Circulating water-refluxing design/Round Spray
– Oil System: Automatic Oil system
– Way of Fixing Workpiece: Double-sided sealed vacuum adsorption system
– Suction cup: 6pcs
– Water and dust resistant: Intelligent dust proof cooling system
– Hand wheel: Electric hand wheel
– Profile polishing wheel: Max diameter 150mm
– Tool type: BT40, Φ35, Φ30
– Collet/Tool holder: ER32, Φ10, Φ12, Φ12.7, Φ16, Φ20
– Electric Motor: 7