China Supply Aluminium Speed Reducer Helical Gear Unit


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China Supply Aluminium Speed Reducer Helical Gear Unit

The China Supply Aluminium Speed Reducer Helical Gear Unit is widely used in various industries, such as motors and industrial applications. It features a cycloidal layout and hardened hardness for durability.

The product has a wide range of applications and can be customized according to customer requirements. It offers a high degree of modularity and can be connected with different types of motors, including normal motors, brake motors, explosion-proof motors, frequency conversion motors, servo motors, and IEC motors.

The SRC series helical gear units are known for their ground-hardened helical gears and modularity, which allows for easy combinations in various forms. The aluminium casing makes the gear unit lightweight, while the gears are carbonize hard and durable. The unit also offers universal mounting options.

Technical Features:
– Power: 0.12-4kw
– Ratio: 3.66-54
– Torque: max 120-500Nm

Structure Features:
– Model illumination
– 1: Code for gear units series
– 2: No F code means foot mounted. With F code B5 flange mounted. With Z code B14 flange mounted
– 3: Specification code of gear units 01
– 4: I, II, III, B5 Output flange specification, default I not to write out is ok
– 5: IEC: Input flange HS: shaft input
– 6: Transmission ratio of gear units
– 7: M1: Mounting position, default mounting position M1 not to write out is ok
– 8: Position diagram for motor terminal box, default position o°(R) not to write out is ok
– 9: No mark means without motor Model motor(poles of power)
– 10: Voltage – frequency
– 11: Coil in position for motor, default position S not to write out is ok

Rotation Speed:
– n1: Gear units input speed
– n2: Gear units output speed

If driven by external gearing, it is suggested to use a rotation speed of 1400r/min or lower to optimize working conditions and prolong the service life. Higher input rotation speeds are permitted, but the rated torque M2 will be reduced.

Service Factor:
The service factor fs