China Wholesale Market Plastic Gear for Electric Wheelchair Brushless DC Motor


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China Wholesale Market Plastic Gear for Electric Wheelchair Brushless DC Motor

The China Wholesale Market offers a wide range of plastic gears specifically designed for electric wheelchair brushless DC motors. These gears are commonly used in various applications such as universal, industrial, household appliances, cars, power tools, and medical equipment.

Product Description

– Application: Universal, Industrial, Household Appliances, Car, Power Tools, Medical Equipment
– Operating Speed: Constant Speed
– Excitation Mode: Compound
– Function: Driving
– Number of Poles: 4
– Structure and Working Principle: Brushless

The plastic gears offered in the China Wholesale Market are quiet, stable, and reliable for long-life operation. They come in different diameters of 86mm and lengths of 87mm, 112mm, and 137mm. The continuous torques range from 1.0Nm to 2.5Nm, with corresponding power ratings of 314W to 772W. The speeds can reach up to 3000rpm, and the environmental conditions range from -10°C to +40°C. These gears are designed with 4 poles/phase and utilize sintered NdFeB magnet material. They have an insulation class of B and offer optional electronic drivers, encoders and gearheads, as well as Hall effect resolver and sensorless feedback. Customization options are also available.

Product Specifications (Model)

Model 86ZWX01 86ZWX02 86ZWX03
Voltage V 48
No load speed rpm 3500 3500 3400
Rated torque Nm 1.0 1.8 2.5
Rated speed rpm 3000 3000 2950
Rated current A 8.5 14.8 19.5
Torque (max) Nm 3.0 5.4 7.5
At Torque (max) Current A 25 42 55
Rotor inertia Kgmm² 120 230 320
Back-EMF constant V/krpm 9.8 9.8 10.2
Torque Constant Nm/A 0.133 0.133 0.138
Resistance (20ºC) ohm 0.32 0.15 0.10
Weight Kg 2.3 3.4 4.3
L1 mm 87 112 137
Rotor: La mm 30 55 80

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