CNC Machine Center for Aluminum and PVC Milling and Drilling


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CNC Machine Center for Aluminum and PVC Milling and Drilling

The CNC Machine Center for Aluminum and PVC Milling and Drilling is a versatile machine used for drilling holes, milling grooves, processing round holes, and special-shaped holes, as well as plane engraving of aluminum alloy profiles. It is equipped with the Taiwan Syntec CNC Control system, ensuring precise and efficient operations. The machine features an electric spindle that provides high precision, safety, and reliability. The X, Y, and Z axes are driven by high-precision helical gear and rack, and high-precision ball screw transmission, guaranteeing steady transmission and accuracy. Programming software is used to transform and process G code automatically, making the operation easy and efficient with low labor intensity.

Product Parameters:

– Air Pressure: 0.5~0.6MPa
– X/Y/Z Axis stroke: 6000mm*300mm*280mm
– Input Voltage: 380V 50Hz or as per customer’s needs
– Input Power: 6KW
– Handle type: ER25
– Processing range: 100*140
– Overall size: 7000×1500×1950mm
– Weight: 2600kg

Main Accessories:

– Control system: Taiwan Syntec
– Solenoid valve: Airtec
– Cylinder: Airtec
– Motor: Anhui Sanyang (Best Chinese Motor Brand)
– Air Filter Device: Airtec
– Electrical Button and Switcher: Schneider
– AC Contactor and Circuit Breaker: Schneider
– Approach Switch: Taiwan Delta
– Guide rail: Taiwan Hiwin

In summary, the CNC Machine Center for Aluminum and PVC Milling and Drilling is a high-quality and reliable machine that offers precise and efficient operations for various drilling, milling, and engraving tasks. It is suitable for aluminum alloy profiles and provides excellent performance in the processing of holes and grooves. Its advanced features and components ensure long-lasting performance and high productivity.

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