CNC Machining Service of Custom Non-Standard Auto Motorcycle Optical Plastic Metal Hardware Sample 32


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CNC Machining Service of Custom Non-Standard Auto Motorcycle Optical Plastic Metal Hardware Sample 32

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Product Description

The CNC Machining Service of Custom Non-Standard Auto Motorcycle Optical Plastic Metal Hardware Sample 32 offers versatile customization options. With available designing and OEM/ODM services, you can tailor the product to your specific requirements. The surface processes are multi-option, providing flexibility in achieving your desired finish.

The typical parts produced by this CNC machining service include automation equipment parts, lasers, and auto parts. The machining methods employed are milling, turning, slow wire cutting, and more. With a tolerance range of +/-0.003mm, precision is ensured in the manufacturing process.

Customization is available, allowing you to request specific modifications to meet your needs. The process for customizing parts follows these steps: 1) Provide 2D or 3D drawings; 2) Receive a price quote based on the drawings or design requirements; 3) Confirm the order; 4) Initiate the machining process; 5) Package and deliver the parts to the customer.

General Information of Our Products and Services

  1. Scope of Typical Parts: Parts of automation equipment, lasers, optical fiber electronics, optical lens, infrared thermal imaging devices, automobile, and more.
  2. Scope of Workpiece Materials: Metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium alloy, and non-metal materials like POM, ABS, acrylic, nylon, and more.
  3. Machining Methods: Milling, turning, medium-speed wire cutting, slow-speed wire cutting, grinding, turning and milling forming.
  4. Tolerance Ranges: Metal Machining: +/-0.01mm to +/-0.003mm, Non-metal Machining: 0.02mm.
  5. Surface Roughness Range: Ra: 3.2-0.4, depending on the product and material.
  6. Workpiece Size Range: 10-500mm.
  7. Surface Treatment Options: Various surface treatment options available for different materials, including oxidation, plating, and more.
  8. Lead Time for Samples: Approximately 15 days for production, depending on the product.
  9. Lead Time for Formal Orders: Determined by order quantity and other requirements.
  10. MOQ: Minimum order quantity of 5 pieces.
  11. Payment Terms: T/T 30% prepaid, balance paid before shipment for the first order, or as negotiated.
  12. Transportation: DHL air freight for 0.1-150 KG, air or ocean freight for over 150 KG.
  13. Packaging: Various packaging options available, such as foam sealing, independent carton, self-sealing bag, and vacuum packaging.
  14. Options of Transportation Companies: Multiple transportation companies available for air and ocean freight.
  15. Port of Delivery: Shanghai or as per customer requirements.

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For these and other high-quality products, visit our website. We offer favorable prices and considerate service. Welcome customers to inquire about customizing parts based on their drawings or samples.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I customize the non-standard parts according to my specific requirements?
    Yes, our CNC Machining Service offers customization options to meet your specific needs. Provide us with your drawings or specifications, and we will quote a price accordingly.
  2. What materials can be used for the parts?
    Our CNC Machining Service can work with various metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, as well as non-metal materials like POM, ABS, and acrylic.
  3. What are the surface treatment options available?
    We provide a range of surface treatments, including oxidation, plating, and more. The specific treatment options depend on the material and desired finish.
  4. What is the lead time for samples?
    The production of samples typically takes around 15 days, but the exact time may vary depending on the complexity of the product and the quantity required.
  5. Do you have a minimum order quantity?
    Yes, our minimum order quantity is 5 pieces. However, we are flexible and can consider smaller quantities based on your specific needs.