CNC Plamas 1.25m 1.5m 2m Tooth Rack and Pinion Gear Straight Gear Helical


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SEO-Compliant Secondary Title (H2): CNC Plasma Gear Rack and Pinion: A Versatile Solution for Machinery and Agricultural Machinery

– The CNC Plasma Gear Rack and Pinion is a crucial component used in machinery and agricultural machinery.
– This gear rack and pinion set features a hardened tooth surface, ensuring durability and longevity.
– Designed as an external gear, it offers excellent performance in various applications.

Product Description:
– The CNC Plasma Gear Rack and Pinion is widely used in CNC machine tools, machining centers, cutting machinery, welding machinery, etc.
– It is suitable for applications that require fast and accurate positioning, heavy load capacity, high precision, high rigidity, high speed, and long stroke.
– This gear rack and pinion is also commonly used in factory automation, such as fast transplanting machinery and industrial robot arm grasp mechanisms.

Product Specifications:
– Name: Gear Rack
– Material: C45 steel, 304SS, 316SS, 40CrMo, nylon, POM
– Modulus: 1.5M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M
– Length: 1000-6000mm

Advantages of CNC Plasma Gear Rack and Pinion:
– The gear rack and pinion set provides precise and efficient conversion of rotary motion into reciprocating linear motion.
– It offers high load-bearing capacity, ensuring optimal performance in heavy-duty applications.
– The gear rack and pinion set is known for its high rigidity, allowing for stable and accurate positioning.
– Its fast and accurate motion control makes it ideal for applications that require high precision and speed.

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair:
– The gear rack and pinion set should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal performance.
– Regular maintenance, such as lubrication and inspection, is essential to ensure the longevity of the gear rack and pinion.
– In case of any damage or wear, the gear rack and pinion can be replaced with a new one to restore its functionality.

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