Co Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Price


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Co Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Price: A Comprehensive Overview


Co Rotating Twin Screw Extruders are highly efficient machines used in the production of PVC pipes. With their double-screw design and automatic automation, they offer remarkable performance in the manufacturing process. These extruders are capable of producing PVC conduit pipes with a diameter range of 20-315mm. The main raw materials used are PVC resin, calcium powder, and additives.

Features of Co Rotating Twin Screw Extruder:

1. Model SJSZ series conical twin screw extruder is a specialized equipment for extruding PVC compound. It can produce various PVC products such as pipes, profiles, plates, sheets, bars, and granules with the help of different molds and auxiliary machines.

2. The conical twin screws are equipped with an oil cooling system, and the barrel is cooled by a special wind cooling system.

3. The extruder system has a computer control feature, allowing for the customization of the conical twin screw structure to achieve the best plasticity performance and material quality.

4. The conical twin screw is made using a high precision special digital screw miller, ensuring high extruding property and harmonized performance. It also utilizes advanced techniques for producing screws with variable pitch and depth, resulting in softer material shearing and cutting.

5. The distribution box is designed for durability, with fully imported pull force bearings and the ability to withstand high extruding pressure.

6. The electrical system incorporates imported parts and features a multiple alarm system, ensuring minimal problems and easy troubleshooting. The cooling system is also specially designed for rapid heat emission and precise temperature control.

Process Flow:

The PVC Pipe Making Machine follows a specific process flow:

Material → Mixer → Forced Feeding → Conical double screw extruder → Mould & calibrator → Vacuum spray cooling tank → Printer → Haul-off → Cutter → Stacker

Main parameter reference (pvc pipe production / machine line):

– Model number: PVC-16/63, PVC-20/110, PVC-50/160, PVC-75/250, PVC-110/315, PVC-200/450, PVC-315/630, PVC-500/800
– Pipe diameter: 16-63mm, 20-110mm, 50-160mm, 75-250mm, 110-315mm, 200-450mm, 315-630mm, 500-800mm
– Max output: 120kg/h, 120kg/h, 180kg/h, 300kg/h, 450kg/h, 650kg/h, 800kg/h, 1400kg/h
– Production rate: 1.5-15m/min, 0.8-8m/min, 0.5-5m/min, 0.4-4m/min, 0.3-2m/min, 0.1-1m/min, 0.07-0.7m/min, 0.05-1m/min
– Extruder model: SJZ-50/105, SJZ-50/105, SJZ-55/110, SJZ-65/132, SJZ-80/156, SJZ-92/188, SJZ-92/188, SJZ-105/220
– Motor power: 45kw, 45kw, 55kw, 75kw, 105kw, 160kw, 205kw, 305kw

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