Custom Mining Machinery Parts Big Gear Shaft Heavy Forging Large Module Gear Shaft


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Custom Mining Machinery Parts Big Gear Shaft Heavy Forging Large Module Gear Shaft

A gear shaft is a mechanical part that supports rotating parts and rotates with them to transmit motion, torque, or bending moment. It is generally in the shape of metal rods, and each segment can have different diameters. The rotating parts of the machine are mounted on the shaft.

The production capacity:
– Module: 8-120
– Gear Grinding: Max module 25
– Diameter of Gear Wheel: Max 13000 mm
– Diameter of Spiral Gear: Max 2200 mm
– Length of Gear Shaft: Max 5000mm

Material selection: 40CrMo, 42CrMo, 20GrMnTi carburizing and quenching, etc. The hardness of the shaft can reach HRC60, and non-standard customized services can also be provided.

Overall quenching and tempering: The roughness of the shaft is less than or equal to Ra0.8. The surface treatment can be conducted by blackening, zinc plating, chromium plating, nickel plating, hard anodizing, and other processes.

Shaft category: smooth shaft, spline shaft, spur gear shaft, helical gear shaft, etc. The shaft can be processed according to the drawing, with a minimum of 1 piece.

Application: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining.

Packing & Shipping:
1. Filling with anti-rust oil
2. Covered with Plastic paper
3. Covered with kraft paper
4. Covered with Blue tie
5. Put in wooden box


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