Escalator Indoor and Outdoor Escalator Factory Escalator Safety Commercial


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Escalator Indoor and Outdoor Escalator Factory Escalator Safety Commercial

This escalator is a heavy-duty type designed and manufactured based on national and international standards. It is equipped with an advanced microcomputer control system, a high-strength truss structure, and comprehensive protection features, ensuring safety, reliability, and comfort for passengers. The escalator is suitable for various public traffic occasions, such as markets, hospitals, hotels, CBD areas, and large shopping centers.


  • Rise: <=8000mm
  • Inclination: 30°/35°
  • Rated speed: 0.5m/s
  • Step width: 1000/800/600mm

Main Configuration:

  • Controller: Micro control
  • Truss: Deflection 1/750 (1/1000, 1/1500)
  • Machine: Turbo-worm/Helical gear
  • Chain: Roller inside
  • Step: St. steel/Aluminum alloy
  • Roller: Polyurethane
  • Main drive: Big friction wheel
  • Side panel: Overall welding
  • Track system: Profile rail
  • Handrail: C type
  • Handrail guide rail: St. steel/Aluminum alloy
  • Balustrade: Toughened glass/St. steel
  • Skirt panel/Decking: St. steel
  • Lubrication system: Electromagnetic pump/Gear pump
  • Handrail entry: Aluminum alloy
  • Floor plate: St. steel/Aluminum alloy
  • Comb: Aluminum alloy/Engineering plastics


  • Safe and reliable: Ensures passenger safety during transportation
  • Space configurability: Optimizes space availability
  • Energy-saving and environment-friendly: Uses gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine for energy efficiency
  • High performance: Equipped with a stable control system and intelligent lift dispatching
  • Free custom-made: Allows customers to choose their preferred appearance

To install, maintain, repair, or replace this escalator, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. Professional assistance may be required.

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