Extruder – Single Screw, Twin Screws Dyed PBT POY Spinning Machine1


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Extruder – Single Screw, Twin Screws Dyed PBT POY Spinning Machine1

The Extruder Machine is an automated spinning method used for processing materials such as PET, PP, PA6, and PA66. It is certified with CE and ISO9001: 2000. Customization is available upon request.

Product Description:

– Suitable for melt spinning of PET chips, bottle flakes, PA6, PA66, PP, Spandex, etc.

– TWJ series chemical fiber extruder is mainly used for melt spinning of polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and more.
– Optimal design for different polymers improves cutting and plastination properties.
– High accuracy bevel gearbox with low noise and long lifespan.
– Pressure control system with well-reputed international brands of components for higher accuracy and reliable operation.

Technical Data:

Mold L/D Speed (r/min) Max. Output (kg/h) Pressure (MPa) Driving (kw) Heating Heating Zone Heating Voltage (V)
TE45 25 20-80 38 20 15-20 11 4.5 3 220
TE65 25 20-80 90 55 15-20 18.5 23 5 220
TE80 25 20-70 180 110 15-20 37 38 5 220
TE90 25 20-70 250 135 15-20 45 38 5 220
TE105 25 20-70 300 170 15-20 55 48 5 220

1. The L/D of the extruder may vary for different materials.
2. Updates to the above data may not be notified in a timely manner.

Company Info:

TITA is a professional chemical fiber engineering company specializing in scientific research, technology innovation, and machinery manufacturing for civil and industrial filaments. Our