F Series Helical Parallel Shaft Plastic Screw Extruder


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F Series Helical Parallel Shaft Plastic Screw Extruder

The F Series Helical Parallel Shaft Plastic Screw Extruder is a machinery application that features a hardened tooth surface for durability. It has a 90-degree installation and a parallel shaft layout. The gear shape of this extruder is helical, and it has a three-step process.

Customization is available for this product, and it can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Technical Parameter:
– Housing material: HT200 high-strength cast iron (EWF37, EWF47, EWF57, EWF67, EWF77, EWF87); HT250 High-strength cast iron (EWF97, EWF107, EWF127, EWF157)
– Gear material: 20CrMnTi
– Gear Surface & hardness: HRC58°-62°
– Gear core hardness: HRC33°-78°
– Input/Output shaft material: 40Cr
– Gear Machining precision: Accurate grinding 6-5 grade
– Heat treatment: Carburizing, Quenching, etc.
– Efficiency: up to 92%
– Noise (Max): 60-67dB
– Installation type: Foot mounted, flange mounted
– Output type: Solid shaft, Hollow shaft, splined hollow shaft, shrink disk
– Bearing brand: NSK, SKF, HRB, ZWZ, etc.
– Oil seal brand: NAK, KSK, etc.
– Lubricant: VG220
– Motor: IP55, F class
– Motor shaft: 40Cr, Carburizing, Quenching, etc.
– Warranty: 12 months
– Color: Blue, Grey

– High efficiency and cost-saving
– Stable running, low noise, and long service life
– Parallel-axes output with a compact structure for high torque transmission

Technical Data:
– Ratio: i=4.3~273 (combination of EWF/EWR is up to 18509)
– Efficiency: Two-stage 96%, three-stage 94%, and combination of EWR/EWR 85%
– Size: EWF37~EWF157

Industrial Application:
– Power Plant Equipment
– Metallurgical Industry
– Metal Forming Machinery
– Petrochemical Industry
– Mining Machine
– Hoisting Machinery
– Construction Industry
– Environmental Protection Industry
– Cable Industry
– Food Machinery


– ISO 9001 International Quality System Certificate
– Europe CE Certificate
– Swiss SGS Certificate
– High-tech enterprise certificate of Shanghai city
– Excellent performance management enterprise of Shanghai city


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