Hairise Economical Custom Design Har820 Chains Sprocket with ISO Certificate


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Hairise Economical Custom Design Har820 Chains Sprocket with ISO Certificate

The Hairise Economical Custom Design Har820 Chains Sprocket with ISO Certificate is a standard conveyor sprocket used in conveyor systems. It is made of hardened plastic material with a double helical gear toothed portion shape. The sprocket has a hardened tooth surface, which allows for flexible operation and high production efficiency.

This conveyor sprocket is commonly used in modern industrial production as a unified automated assembly line conveying equipment. It is capable of handling multiple continuous conveying materials. The sprocket forms a high-speed transmission ratio through the meshing motion with the stainless steel chain.

The Har820 sprocket is manufactured using a sintered gear manufacturing method, ensuring its durability and reliability. It is available for customization according to specific requirements.

Advantages of the Hairise products:
– Convenient to assemble and maintain
– Available in various colors
– High mechanical strength
– Excellent product handling performance
– Wear-resistant and oil-resistant
– Professional conveyor system manufacturer
– Good after-sales service
– Customizable

– Bakery, Dairy, Fruit, and Vegetable industries
– Meat, Poultry, and Seafood processing and packaging applications
– Ready Meals production

Mu Jia Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an integrated company with almost twenty years of experience in the R&D, manufacture, and sale of conveyor system components. In addition to the Har820 sprocket, we also offer a wide range of products such as modular belts, slat top chains, and other conveyor related components. Our products are widely used in various industries including food, beverage, packaging, tobacco, medicine, electronics, automobiles, and logistics.

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