Heavy Polyester Putty Filling Machine Primer Makeup Machine


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Heavy Polyester Putty Filling Machine Primer Makeup Machine

The Heavy Polyester Putty Filling Machine Primer Makeup Machine is an electrostatic spraying equipment used for hardware spraying, wood spraying, plastic spraying, and porcelain spraying. It is designed to provide a high-quality and precise coating of paint. The machine is certified with CE and ISO standards, ensuring its reliability and quality.

Main Features:
– The frame of the machine is made of 18mm thick general plate and is lined with 3 groups of rubber rollers. These rollers are made of imported material and have a diameter of 240mm.
– The coating wheel is equipped with an imported scraper for quantitative coating. It has stepless frequency control to ensure precise control of the coating amount.
– The conveyor belt is a 4mm non-slip, solvent-resistant belt that prevents wrinkling and has an anti-slip device. The bearing seal design prevents paint from dipping.
– The machine uses high-end controllers and drives, ensuring stability, reliability, and smooth operation. It also has a 7-inch Velon touch screen for easy operation.
– The machine offers manual, block, and free automatic switching modes. The automatic mode can be started and stopped with the panel button or touch screen operation.
– The machine is equipped with non-metric turbo spur gear motors, horizontal Haoxin motors, single pump, single hopper, double oil tank, and a round heating drum.

Product Specifications:
– Application: Furniture manufacturer
– Usage: Coating
– Heating Barrel Power: 20L*2
– Working Width: 1300mm
– Working Thickness: 2-80mm
– Feeding Speed: 0~15 m/min
– Total Power: 380v 50hz 3phase
– Machine Size: 2000*2400*1600mm

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