High Power Helical and Helical Bevel Gear Unit


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High Power Helical and Helical Bevel Gear Unit

The high power helical and helical bevel gear units are widely used in various industries, including motor and industrial applications. These gear units have a cycloidal layout and are made with hardened materials for increased durability.

The SRC helical gear units offer a high degree of modularity and can be connected to different types of motors, such as normal motor, brake motor, explosion-proof motor, frequency conversion motor, servo motor, and IEC motor. They are commonly used in industries such as textile, foodstuff, ceramics packing, logistics, and plastics.

Key Features:
– Ground-hardened helical gears
– Modular design, allowing for different configurations
– Lightweight aluminum casing
– Durable gears for long-lasting performance
– Universal mounting options

Technical Specifications:
– Power: 0.12-4kW
– Ratio: 3.66-54
– Maximum torque: 120-500Nm

The structure of the gear units is designed to be compact and space-effective, while also reducing noise. The model of the gear units is defined by a specific code system, indicating the gear units series, mounting position, specification, output flange, input type, transmission ratio, mounting position, and motor information.

Rotation speed and service factor are important considerations for the gear units. The recommended input rotation speed is 1400r/min or lower for optimal working conditions and longer service life. The service factor takes into account the effect of the driven machine on the gear unit, with different load classifications based on mass acceleration factor.

– Each unit is packaged in a carton, and several cartons are placed on a wooden pallet for shipping.

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