High Quality 3D 1325 5 Axis CNC Router Machine for Wood Foam Mould with Famous Brand


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High Quality 3D 1325 5 Axis CNC Router Machine for Wood Foam Mould with Famous Brand

The 3D 1325 5 Axis CNC Router Machine is a high-quality and efficient tool used in various industries. It is specifically designed for wood and foam mould applications. This CNC router machine is equipped with a famous brand and offers exceptional performance.

Here are some key features and advantages of this CNC router machine:

1. After-sales Service:
– 24 Hours Online Service

2. Warranty:
– 2 Year Warranty

3. Certification:
– CE, ISO 9001

4. Customization:
– Available
– Customized Request

5. Shipping Cost:
– Estimated freight per unit

Product Description:
The 5 Axis CNC router machine offered by BCAM is a comprehensive solution for CNC machining needs. It is designed to provide high-quality and efficient performance. The machine features automatic tool changing capabilities, eliminating the need for manual operation and significantly improving work efficiency. The CNC router machine is equipped with Taiwan Hiwin 30 rails for precise movements. The X, Y, and Z axes are driven by gear transmission and TBI ball screw transmission, ensuring high precision.

Product Parameters:
– Model: BCM1325D-5axis
– Working Area: 1300*2500*800mm
– Spindle Power: Italy HSD air cooling spindle
– X,Y,Z Traveling positioning accuracy: 0.01/2000mm
– Table Surface: T-solt
– X,Y,Z Rail and Transmission: X,Y axis gear transmission, Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission
– Max.Rapid Travel Rate: 70m/min
– Max.Working Speed: 50m/min
– Cutting Thickness: According to materials
– Spindle Speed: 6000-24000r/min
– Drive Motors: Japan YASKAWA servo motor and drivers
– Working Voltage: AC380V/50HZ/3phase
– Command Language: G code
– Operating System: Taiwan Syntec control system
– Interface: USB, NETWORK
– Software Compatibility: Option: Type3/Ucancam/Artcam/Solidworks, etc.
– Running Environment: Temperature: -20ºC~45ºC, Relative Humidity: 5%~75%

The 5 Axis CNC router machine is widely used in the mould industry. It is capable of engraving various molds, architectural models, vehicle models, ship models, shoe molds, badges, biscuits, chocolates, candy molds, and more.

Packaging & Shipping:
Once the machine is finished, our engineers will perform testing and provide a test video for clients to review. After confirming everything is in order, we will proceed with packaging. The machine is packed with plastic sheet for clearing and damp proofing, then placed in a plywood case for safety. Finally, the plywood case is transported into the container.

Company Profile:
BCAMCNC is a professional machinery manufacturing company dedicated to the production of CNC routers, CO2 laser machines, fiber laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, and more. We have gained a global reputation as a reliable and trusted provider of CNC machinery solutions.

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