High Quality Chinese Supplier Custom Forged Steering Bevel Gear Set Bevel Pinion Gear


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High Quality Chinese Supplier Custom Forged Steering Bevel Gear Set Bevel Pinion Gear

The High Quality Chinese Supplier Custom Forged Steering Bevel Gear Set Bevel Pinion Gear is a versatile product suitable for various applications such as motors, electric cars, motorcycles, and machinery. It has a hardened tooth surface for durability and is manufactured using milling, hobbing, or grinding methods. This bevel gear has a bevel wheel toothed portion shape and can be made from materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or nylon.

Samples of the product are available for US$3.8 per piece with a minimum order quantity of 1 piece. Customization options are also available upon request.

Product Description:
The High Quality Chinese Supplier Custom Forged Steering Bevel Gear Set bevel pinion gear is made from materials such as stainless steel, C45, 40CrMo, 42CrMo, 20CrMoTi, etc. It can be produced using steel bars, steel sheets, or casting. The gear module ranges from 0.3M to 30M, and the gear processing precision is Grade 5,6,7,8,9. The outer diameter is ≤2.5m. Customers’ drawings and samples are welcome. The gear undergoes tooth flank carburization and nitrification, resulting in a rigidity of HRC58-62. The gear is inspected and tested throughout the production process to ensure quality. Surface treatments such as zinc plating and black oxide are also available.

Gears can be classified based on their shape (spur gear, bevel gear, non-circular gear, gear rack, and worm gear), tooth type (spur gear, helical gear, herringbone gear, curve gear), and tooth surface position (internal gear and external gear). Casting gears are typically used for large gears, while gray cast iron gears are suitable for low load power transmission.

Sample Applications:
– Chemical industries
– Steel plants
– Machine tools
– Cement plants
– Textile processing
– Material handling systems
– Sugar mills
– Cooling towers

Detailed Photos:
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Product Parameters:
– Item: Bevel Gear
– Testing equipment: Projector
– Heat Treatment: Hardening and tempering, carburizing, high frequency quenching, etc.
– Usage: Machinery, furniture, toy, woodboard, wall
– Material: Steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.
– Surface Treatment: Black oxide, zinc plated, etc.
– Mark: Based on customer’s requirement
– Equipment: CNC engine lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, hobbing machine, grinder, gear shaper
– Packing: Standard export case (details according to customer’s requirement)

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Packaging & Shipping:
All products can be packed in cartons or pallets. “MADE IN CHINA” can be pressed on wooden cases. Land, air, and sea transportation are available, and shipping options such as UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, and EMS are supported.

Company Profile:
Sichuan Mighty Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing Mechanical Power Transmission Products. We are a division/branch of SCMC Group, a wholly state-owned company established in 1980. Our company has three manufacturing factories and a team of