High Quality Electric SA Series Helical Worm Gearbox Speed Reducer for Right Angle Transmission Geared Reduction Motors


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High Quality Electric SA Series Helical Worm Gearbox Speed Reducer for Right Angle Transmission Geared Reduction Motors

The SA series helical worm gearbox is widely used in various industries. It features a compact structure, small size, and light weight. The combination of helical-worm gears provides a large reduction ratio and strong bearing capacity. The gearbox body surface is designed to have a cooling effect, resulting in low temperature rise and low noise. Additionally, it has good sealing performance and can adapt to different working environments.

Main Features:
– Compact structure with a small size and light weight
– Large reduction ratio and strong bearing capacity
– Cooling effect on the gearbox body surface
– Low temperature rise and low noise
– Good sealing performance and adaptability to different working environments
– High drive accuracy, suitable for frequent start occasions
– Various input types available: motor directly connected, motor belt join, or input shaft coupling flange input

– Output speed: 0.1 ~ 433 r/min
– Output torque: up to 4200 Nm
– Motor power: 0.18 ~ 22 kW
– Link code and form:
– S – shaft extension type connection
– SA – shaft coupling
– SF – flange, shaft extension type installation
– SAF – shaft, flange installation

The SA series helical-worm gearbox is widely used in the following industries:
– Coal equipment
– Ferrous metallurgy
– Mining machinery
– Paper machinery
– Rubber and plastics
– Petrochemical
– Lifting transportation
– Drink beer
– Food packaging
– Pharmacy and leather
– Textile dyeing and printing
– Environmental protection equipment
– Light industry machinery

Packing & Delivery:
The gearbox is packed in PP bags with cartons and then placed in wooden cases for shipment. The delivery time is typically 20-30 days upon receiving the deposit.

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We, Nanjing Gearwell Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., are an industry transmission solutions manufacturer and service provider. We offer a one-stop solution for power transmission products for various factories. Our product range includes customised gears, small gearmotors, industrial gearboxes, motors, and more.

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