High Quality High Speed Plastic T Shirt Bag Paper Bag Cup Flexo Printer Machine Price


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High Quality High Speed Plastic T Shirt Bag Paper Bag Cup Flexo Printer Machine Price

The High Quality High Speed Plastic T Shirt Bag Paper Bag Cup Flexo Printer Machine is a versatile printing equipment suitable for various packing materials such as polyethylene, plastic bag glass, paper, and roll paper. It is an ideal machine for producing paper packing bags for food, supermarket handbags, vest bags, and clothes bags.

This machine offers several advantages:
1. The machine body is made of strong steel plate, ensuring stability.
2. It uses helical gears, which ensure accurate and precise printing quality.
3. EPC (Edge Position Control) adjusts the edge of film or paper.
4. It has automatic tension control, making it easy to operate.
5. The longer heating oven improves printing speed.
6. The machine comes with a doctor blade for more equal ink distribution. Double doctor blade is optional.
7. The ink roller is controlled by a separate ink motor.
8. An ink pump is also available as an option.

Here are the specifications of the machine:
– Type: YTH4600, YTH4800, YTH41000, YTH41200
– Max. Effective Printing Width: 560mm, 760mm, 960mm, 1160mm
– Max. Web Width: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
– Max. Printing Speed: 80m/min
– Max. Mechanical Speed: 60 m/min
– Max. Diameter of Roll Material: 450mm
– Internal Diameter of Roll Core: 76mm
– Range of Repeat Printing Length: 191-914mm
– Accuracy of Registration: ±0.5mm
– Plate Thickness (Both side adhesive included): 2.38mm
– Heating Power: 8Kw, 9Kw, 10Kw, 12Kw
– Total Power: 11.5Kw, 15Kw, 18.5Kw, 22Kw
– Weight of Machine: 3000kg, 3500kg, 4000kg, 4500kg
– Overall Dimension: L4300×W1700×H2500mm, L4300×W1900×H2500mm, L4300×W2100×H2500mm, L4300×W2300×H2500mm

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1. Q: Is your company a trading company or a factory?
A: We are a factory with a workshop area of 2100 square meters and 23 workers, including 2 installation engineers and 1 electric engineer.

2. Q: How does your company control the quality of the machine?
A: We control the quality by ensuring the raw materials are of high quality, monitoring the machine’s quality during the manufacturing process, and testing the machine with our installation engineers.

3. Q: What are the payment terms, payment safety, and delivery time?
A: We accept a 30% deposit and balance payment before shipment or an irrevocable L/C at sight. The delivery time is 20 to 30 days, depending on the order quantity.

4. Q: What is your company’s after-sales service?
A: Our installation engineers are available to assist with machine setup and training. We offer a one-year guarantee, and if any spare parts are broken, we will provide them free of charge.

5. Q: Can your replacement parts be perfectly adapted to the original spare parts?
A: Yes, our replacement parts are designed to be compatible with the original spare parts and provide a reliable performance.