High Speed Single or Double Sides PE Coated Paper Disposable Paper Bowl Making Machine


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High Speed Single or Double Sides PE Coated Paper Disposable Paper Bowl Making Machine

This high-speed paper bowl making machine is designed for manufacturing disposable paper bowls using single or double-sided PE coated paper rolls. It has a fully automated process that includes paper feeding, preheating, sealing, oil filling, bottom cutting, heating, knurling, curling, and unloading. The machine features multi-station operation, automatic oil lubrication, auto alarm, auto counting, and auto collecting. It also has a directly bottom paper feeding system, open cam design core components, a bigger gear motor, and a full automatic lubrication system for easier maintenance.

The machine separates curling from knurling and heaters, resulting in less noise, improved stability, and a longer lifetime. It uses high-quality electrical appliances from renowned brands for better performance and easier maintenance. The machine is equipped with a PLC and touch screen controller, main transmission parts, and an automatic spray oil lubrication system. It also uses an open-type intermittent cam system and helical gear transmission for stable operation, low noise, and high production capacity. The gear drive ensures stable running, faster speed, and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, it offers higher transmission efficiency, better parallelism, sensitivity, and precision for use. The machine has high accuracy and a new-type stable collecting system that reduces packing labor and improves working efficiency.

Technical Parameters:
– Name: Automatic paper bowl making machine
– Model: BG-800
– Paper Cup Size: 1400ml
– Raw Material: One-side or two-side PE coated paper (Single PE or Double PE coated paper)
– Speed: 60-70pcs/min
– Suitable paper weight: 160-300gsm
– Voltage supply: 380V(220V) 50HZ
– Cup size: bottom 80-125mm, top 100-148mm, height 125mm
– Working Air Source: 0.4-0.6Mpa, 0.4m³/min
– General power: 12kw
– Net weight: 2800kg
– Measurement (mm):
– Main machine: L:2350mm, W:1320mm, H:1900mm
– Receive frame 100kgs: L:900mm, W:800mm, H:1500mm
– Cup Side Sealing: Ultrasonic
– Bottom Knurling: HOT AIR SYSTEM

Please note that we can customize the machine and mold according to customer’s requirements.

Machine Photos:

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