Kinmore Custom Electric Gear Motors 9V Brush DC Gearbox Motor High Power for Cleaning Device


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Kinmore Custom Electric Gear Motors 9V Brush DC Gearbox Motor High Power for Cleaning Device

The Kinmore Custom Electric Gear Motors are designed for various applications, including universal, industrial, household appliances, cars, and power tools. These motors operate at low speed and are excited for precise control and driving functions. With an open casing protection, they are built for durability and reliability. The motors have four poles, providing efficient power transmission.

Customization options are available for these motors, allowing for personalized specifications and features to meet different application requirements. Whether it’s a DC motor, gearbox motor, vibration motor, or automotive motor, Kinmore offers a wide range of accessories such as encoders, gears, wires, connectors, and various bearing options. The motors can be configured with different shaft designs, end caps, and brush types for enhanced performance.

Product Parameters:
– Model No.: KM-28A395-8.4-241049
– Size details:
– Motor Diameter: φ28mm
– Gearbox length: 46.5mm
– Shaft length: customization


Ratio Model No. Voltage No Load On Load
Operating Range Nominal Voltage Current Speed Current Torque Speed
V V A r/min A kg·cm r/min
1/12.9 KM-28A390-12.9-121344 6.0-12.0 12 0.36 1344 1.85 1 1134

All technical data can be customized to suit different applications.

Detailed Photos

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These custom electric gear motors find applications in a wide range of industries, including:
– Automotive
– Industrial machinery
– Power tools
– Household appliances
– Cleaning devices


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Packaging & Shipping

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Other Products by Kinmore

In addition to the Custom Electric Gear Motors, Kinmore offers a wide range of other products, including:
– Automotive motors
– DC motors
– Gear motors
– Brushless motors
– Vibration motors

These products are known for their high quality, favorable prices, and considerate service. Kinmore welcomes customers to inquire about customizations based on their specific requirements, including drawings and samples.


1. What kind of motors does Kinmore supply?
– Kinmore specializes in making DC motors, gear motors (including automotive motors), and vibration motors. We also provide brushless motors.

2. What is the lead time for samples or mass production?
– Samples usually take 15-25 days to produce, while mass production takes approximately 35-40 days for DC motors and 45-60 days for gear motors.

3. Can you provide a quotation for this motor?
– Our motors are customized based on specific requirements and annual quantity. Please send us your specific requests, and we will offer a quotation accordingly.

4. Do you offer accessories like encoders, PCBs, connectors, or soldering wires for the motors?
– While we specialize in motors, we can apply to our engineers for providing accessories if your annual demand reaches a certain amount.

5. Are your motors certified with UL, CB Tüv, and CE?
– Yes, all our motors are UL, CB Tüv, and CE compliant. They are manufactured under REACH and ROHS regulations. We can provide exploring drawings and BOM for UL certification of your products. Additionally, we can incorporate filters in the motors to comply with EMC directives for your EMC passing.

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