Low Cost Small CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Y3150K


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Low Cost Small CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Y3150K

The Low Cost Small CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Y3150K is a versatile machine suitable for processing various cylindrical spur gears, helical gears, and worm gears. It is designed for both single-piece production and mass production. The machine offers high rigidity, allowing it to cut gears to the desired depth in one pass, or through layered cutting for precise results. It is equipped with a hydraulic balancing device to balance cutting resistance and improve productivity.

Main Specifications:
– Max working module: 5mm (steel), 6mm (cast iron)
– Distance between tailstock end face and worktable surface: 380~850mm
– Distance between hob axis and worktable surface: 235~535mm
– Center distance between hob and worktable: 20~330mm
– Max work piece diameter: 500mm
– Max width of teeth: 250mm
– Max hob diameter/length: 160/160mm
– Spindle speed/steps: 40~250rpm/9
– Max hob shift axial: 55mm
– Main motor: 5.5kw/1500rpm
– Worktable bore diameter: 80mm
– Work arbor diameter: 30mm
– Gross weight/Net weight: 5300/4500kg
– Overall dimensions (L*W*H): 2450*1272*1790mm

Main Features:
1. Four-axis CNC system for four-axis linkage
2. Machinable straight teeth, helical, small taper, drum gears, and more
3. Can easily profile helical teeth at 45°
4. Machinable splines, fewer teeth, and other special gear gears
5. High-rib plate structure and large rectangular plastic rail for enhanced rigidity
6. Short rotation chain for high precision
7. Hydraulic automatic control for the tailstock top

Product Details:
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Packing and Shipping:
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For documents: by international express, e.g. DHL, TNT, or EMS.
Free fumigation plywood packaging steel base.

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