Low Rpm 50Hz 240V Totally Enclosed AC Pear Shade Gear Motor


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Product Description: Low Rpm 50Hz 240V Totally Enclosed AC Pear Shade Gear Motor

The Low Rpm 50Hz 240V Totally Enclosed AC Pear Shade Gear Motor is an electric motor that operates at low speed. It is designed for use in household appliances. The motor has a permanent magnet magnetic structure and a rotating pole type (armature fixed) structure. It is suitable for driving various household appliances.


– Low speed operation
– Totally enclosed design for protection
– Pear shade gear for efficient power transmission
– Short shaft for compact installations


– Air cooler fan
– Axial fan
– Duct fan
– Bathroom fan
– Air-conditioning
– Massage machine
– Kitchen fan
– Ice-maker
– Small household electrical appliances
– Windows fan
– Wall fan
– Coffee maker
– Incubation equipment
– Fireplace


– Low RPM operation for enhanced energy efficiency
– Totally enclosed design provides protection against dust and moisture
– Pear shade gear ensures smooth and reliable power transmission
– Short shaft allows for compact installations in various appliances
– Suitable for a wide range of household applications

Installation and Maintenance:

– Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation
– Ensure the motor is securely mounted and aligned
– Regularly clean and inspect the motor for any signs of damage or wear
– Lubricate the motor as recommended by the manufacturer
– In case of any issues or repairs, consult a qualified technician


– When replacing the motor, ensure compatibility with the original specifications
– Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper replacement procedures
– Test the new motor before final installation to ensure proper functionality


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