M4 22*22*1998 Sliding Gate Steel Gear Rack for Door Accessory


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M4 22*22*1998 Sliding Gate Steel Gear Rack for Door Accessory

Welcome to our product introduction for the M4 22*22*1998 Sliding Gate Steel Gear Rack for Door Accessory. This steel gear rack is designed for sliding gates and features a steel core for durability and reliability. It is widely used in various industries such as textile machinery, garment machinery, conveyer equipment, packaging machinery, food machinery, agricultural machinery, and more.

Product Features:
– Steel core inside the gear rack
– Available in 4 eyes (light type) and 6 eyes (heavy type) configurations
– Each gear rack comes with a screw set attached
– Various sizes available for sliding door applications

– Module range: 0.4-30M
– Material options: Cast steel, forged steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, nylon, plastic, etc.
– Surface treatments: Zinc plated, nickel plated, plastic painted, black oxidation, etc.
– Heat treatment options: Carburizing and quenching, hardening and tempering, high frequency quenching, etc.

Our steel gear racks are widely used in automatic doors, window openers, engraving machines, lifters, escalators, construction hoists, food machinery, and more.

To install, maintain, and repair the gear rack, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When replacing the gear rack, ensure that the new one is compatible with your sliding gate system.

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