Precise Custom Stainless Steel Brass Stepper Motor Worm Gear Shaft


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Precise Custom Stainless Steel Brass Stepper Motor Worm Gear Shaft

The Precise Custom Stainless Steel Brass Stepper Motor Worm Gear Shaft is a new and customized product made with high precision CNC machining. It is designed for applications in metal cutting machines, metal processing machinery parts, and metal engraving machinery.

Features of the CNC parts include:
1. Strict adherence to customer’s drawings, packing, and quality requirements.
2. Tolerance can be kept within +/-0.005mm.
3. Utilization of advanced CMM inspector for quality assurance.
4. Experienced technology engineers and skilled workers.
5. Fast and timely delivery, with professional and speedy service.
6. Professional suggestions provided to customers during the design process to save costs.
7. Convenient online payment platforms available for sample fees.
8. Quality assurance in accordance with ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016.

Material options for CNC machining include stainless steel, steel, brass, iron, bronze, aluminum, and various alloys such as A2, D2, SKD11, DF2, XW/5, and ASP-23.

Terms and Conditions:
– Processing capabilities include CNC machining, CNC milling and turning, drilling, grinding, stamping, and tapping.
– Surface finishes available include hard coating, black anodize, clear anodize, hard chrome, clear zinc, plasma niride.
– Tolerance is maintained at 0.005mm.
– 100% inspection is conducted before shipment.
– Acceptable drawing formats include CAD, PDF, DWG, IGS, STEP, and more.
– Packaging is done according to standard specifications or customized requirements.
– Payment terms include Western Union, T/T, and L/C.
– Trade terms include EXW, FOB, CIF, as per customer’s request.
– Shipment options include express & air freight for orders up to 100kg, and sea freight for orders above 100kg.

Please note that all CNC machining parts are custom made according