Qd POM Crate 76X60X5mm China Metal Accessories Motorcycle Spare Plastic Parts Gear in


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Qd POM Crate 76X60X5mm China Metal Accessories Motorcycle Spare Plastic Parts Gear

This product is a plastic gear used in various industries. It is commonly used in automotive, machinery, and electronic equipment. The gear is made of POM (Polyoxymethylene), a high-performance engineering plastic known for its excellent wear resistance and low friction coefficient.

Product Features:

– High precision CNC machining ensures the accurate dimensions of the gear.
– Made of POM, which provides durability and resistance to wear and tear.
– Suitable for various industrial applications, including automotive, machinery, and electronic equipment.
– Easy to install, maintain, and repair.
– Can be customized according to specific requirements.

Advantages of Plastic Gears:

– Lightweight and easy to handle.
– Low noise and vibration levels.
– Excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion.
– Self-lubricating properties, reducing the need for additional lubrication.
– Cost-effective compared to metal gears.


– POM (Polyoxymethylene)

Common Applications:

– Automotive industry: transmission systems, power steering, engine components.
– Machinery industry: printing machines, packaging machines, assembly machinery.
– Electronic equipment: robotics, computer peripherals.

Installation and Maintenance:

– Ensure proper alignment and spacing during installation.
– Regularly clean and inspect the gear for any signs of wear or damage.
– Lubricate the gear as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Replacing the Gear:

– Disconnect power supply and remove any necessary components to access the gear.
– Carefully remove the old gear and replace it with the new one.
– Ensure proper alignment and secure the gear in place.
– Reassemble the components and test the functionality.