Reasonable Price Gearbox in Zhejiang


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Reasonable Price Gearbox in Zhejiang

Product Description

The Reasonable Price Gearbox in Zhejiang is a bevel gear type gearbox manufactured by Pym. It has an input speed of 800 and an output torque of 525. The gearbox is made of high strength alloy steel material, which ensures durability and reliability. It features small volume, big transmission torque, high efficiency, and low consumption. The ZLYJ gearbox series is designed for single-screw extruders, with a high precision, hard gear surface, and thrust capability. The gear is manufactured using carburizing and quenching processes, resulting in high precision and hardness. It operates with low noise and has a high bearing ability thrust. The gearbox is designed for horizontal installation but can be changed to vertical installation if required. It provides efficient transmission, low noise, and long operation time.


The Reasonable Price Gearbox in Zhejiang comes in a standard package.

Why choose us?

– We have a long history and experience in the industry.
– We perform long-lasting nitriding treatment and heating treatment.
– Our advanced Fanuk series CNC computer-controlled milling machines ensure precision.
– We have a depth hole drilling machine for ensuring the straightness of the barrel inside.
– We provide CAD drawing confirmation before starting production.
– We offer prompt after-sales service.
– Our company is a landowner with a registration capital of 25,000,000RMB.

Product Specifications

– Type: ZLYJ
– Spec: 112-8
– Input Power(kw): 5.5
– N(enter): 800
– N(output): 100
– Output Torque(N@m): 525
– Permitted axial thrust of output shaft(KN): 35
– Screw Diameter: Ø35
– Length-diameter ratio: 25:01:00

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