Rotary Drum Screw Helical Ribbon Horizontal Double Cone Powder Mixer


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Rotary Drum Screw Helical Ribbon Horizontal Double Cone Powder Mixer

The Rotary Drum Screw Helical Ribbon Horizontal Double Cone Powder Mixer is a type of powder mixer that operates using a shear mixing mechanism. It utilizes a spiral stirring blade in a U-shaped holder, along with a drive transmission part. The machine can be made of Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, and it can also be equipped with a jacket for heating, cooling, or vacuum purposes. The pressure inside the jacket can be customized to be less than 0.1 Mpa. The mixer features two or three layers of spiral blades, which facilitate rapid material convection and achieve efficient mixing. A discharging valve is located in the middle of the holder bottom.


The Rotary Drum Screw Helical Ribbon Horizontal Double Cone Powder Mixer is commonly used for solid-solid (powder and powder) separation and solid-pulp (powder and pulp liquid) separation. It finds applications in various industries such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, food, chemicals, biology, aquaculture, ceramics, refractory materials, plastics, and compound fertilizers.

Working Principle

The mixer is driven by inner and outer spiral rods installed on the mixing shaft. These rods rotate the material in the barrel to the maximum extent. The inner spiral rod brings the material near the axis to rotate axially, while the outer spiral rod drives the material near the barrel wall to rotate axially. This convection circulation and shearing blending in the barrel result in quick and uniform mixing.

About the Reducer

For small mixers, a direct connection reducer is used, known for its simple structure, high reliability, and convenient maintenance. For large mixers, a reducer with a belt pulley is employed to protect the transmission components during overload.

Customized Parts

1. Material: Carbon steel/304SS/316LSS/321SS/Manganese steel
2. Surface treatment: Sand blasting/polishing/anti-corrosion painting
3. Motor: Common motor/Anti-explosion motor/frequency conversion motor/high efficiency and energy-save motor/high protection level motor/motor with differential voltage
4. Reducer: R/K/F series gear reducer, cycloidal pin wheel reducer, general gear reducer, planetary gear reducer
5. Method of connection: Direct connection, wheel pulley connection, hydraulic coupling connection
6. More choices for the method of opening
7. According to the usage of the opening, we can provide mirror hole, cleaning door, feeding mouth, vent, and dust removing outlet.
8. Method of opening: Flange standard opening or quick open opening with cover

Different Models of the Horizontal Screw Mixer

– Model A: Suitable for small-scale mixing applications
– Model B: Ideal for medium-scale mixing tasks
– Model C: Designed for large-scale industrial mixing operations

Pre-sale and After-sale Service

Pre-sale service:
1. Your inquiry will be replied to within 6 hours.
2. Assistance in selecting a suitable model.
3. Design according to your requirements.

After-sale service:
1. 12 months warranty period with lifelong technology support.
2. Engineering support available for machinery overseas.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What information do we need to provide to receive an offer?
– Raw material:
– Capacity:
– Voltage:

2. Q: Can you provide detailed drawings?
– Yes, we can provide the drawing after receiving the prepayment.

3. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
– We are a professional manufacturer located in Zhengzhou.

4. Q: Do you accept OEM?
– Yes, we can produce the machinery according to your design standard.

5. Q: What is the delivery time?
– Normally, the delivery time is 10-20 working days after prepayment. We strive to deliver as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Can the plastic gears be customized according to specific requirements?
– Yes, we offer customization services based on drawings or samples.

2. Q: What materials are used for the plastic gears?
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3. Q: What surface treatments are available for the plastic gears?
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4. Q: Can you provide different types of motors for the plastic gears?
– Yes, we offer a range of motor options, including common motors, anti-explosion motors, frequency conversion motors, high efficiency and energy-saving motors, high protection level motors, and motors with differential voltage.

5. Q: How long is the warranty period for the plastic gears?
– We provide a 12-month warranty period for our products and offer lifelong technology support.