S 17-187 Helical Gear Motor Electric Motor Speed Reducer Helical Rack Gear Motor Reducer with Shaft


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S 17-187 Helical Gear Motor Electric Motor Speed Reducer Helical Rack Gear Motor Reducer with Shaft

The S 17-187 Helical Gear Motor Electric Motor Speed Reducer Helical Rack Gear Motor Reducer with Shaft is a high-quality product used in various applications such as motor, electric cars, motorcycles, machinery, marine, agricultural machinery, and cars. It features a hardened tooth surface and an external gear position. The manufacturing method used is rolling gear, and it has a bevel wheel toothed portion shape. The material used is stainless steel.

Customization is available for this product, and it can be customized based on specific requirements.

Product Description:
The S 17-187 Helical Gear Motor Electric Motor Speed Reducer Helical Rack Gear Motor Reducer with Shaft is a shaft helical gear box that meets international technical requirements. It is known for its high technology content and space-saving design. This gear motor is reliable, durable, and can bear high overload capability with a power of up to 250 kW. It has low energy consumption and superior performance, with a speed reducer efficiency of 95% and above. The gear motor also has the advantages of small vibration, low noise, and high energy saving. It is made with high-quality forged steel material and semi steel housing, and the gear surface undergoes high-frequency heat treatment.

Link code and form:
– R: Foot installation, shaft extension type connection
– RF: Flange, shaft extension type coupling installation
– RX: Foot installation, single-stage coupling shaft extension type
– RXF: Flange, shaft extension type single-stage coupling installation

The S 17-187 Helical Gear Motor is widely used in various industrial areas, including metallurgical mines, lifting transportation, petrochemical construction, textile, environmental, light electric, plastic machine, parking equipment, and more. It can be modularly combined with other reducers and variators to achieve a large reduce ratio drive and variation.

Advantages of R 17-187 Helical Gear Motor:
1. High quality
2. Suitable price
3. High safety performance
4. High reliability
5. Large bearing
6. Long life
7. Cost-effective
8. Standardization in component structure
9. Packages are all in modules
10. Compatibility and high degree of exchangeability for all components

Packaging & Shipping:
The product is packaged in a standard package, typically a wooden case. However, packaging can be customized according to specific requirements.

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