Shaftless Screw Sludge Conveyor Screw Blade Sludge Transport Waste Treatment


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Shaftless Screw Sludge Conveyor Screw Blade Sludge Transport Waste Treatment

The Shaftless Screw Sludge Conveyor is a specialized machine used for the physical treatment of waste materials. It is particularly effective in conveying belt and winding materials without interference from a central axis. This conveyor is commonly used for transporting grid removed from sewage screening devices and dewatered sludge cake. It offers excellent environmental protection performance, ensuring that materials are delivered without contamination or leakage. The shaftless design prevents blockages and allows for smooth operation at a lower speed, reducing energy consumption.

The Shaftless Screw Conveyor is composed of various components including a driving device, head assembly, shaftless screw, groove liner, inlet, outlet, cover (optional), and base. The driving device utilizes a helical gear reducer. The cabinet is made of stainless steel or carbon steel and features a U-shaped design. The screw is made of stainless steel or 16Mn, while the trough lining is made of nylon or polyethylene plate. The inlet and outlet can be either square or round, with the square form being the most common.


– Fully automatic electric protection, co-controlled with sludge dewatering system.
– Compact structure, easy installation with expansion bolts.
– Wear-resistant material in the inner layer of the trough, convenient examination and repair.
– Closed running, low noise, and improved surroundings.
– Customizable length, angle, and discharging hopper according to customer requirements.
– Strong and anti-corrosive stainless steel flight.

Product Details

Applications of Shaftless Screw Conveyor:
1. Ceramic industry: clay, silica, sand, polishing materials, etc.
2. Food industry: soybean, peanut, starch, milk powder, salt, sugar, etc.
3. Plastics industry: plastic powder, plastic particles, etc.
4. Wood industry: wood chips, wood sawing surface and byproducts, etc.
5. Environmental: filter material, fly ash, fixed residue, waste, etc.
6. Agriculture: livestock feed, food powder, etc.

Models And Parameters

Model Delivery Capacity (m³/h) Delivery Length (m)
21r/min 35r/min 46r/min 57r/min
WLS-260 3 6.5 8 10 ≤12
WLS-320 6 11 14 21 ≤12
WLS-440 16 34 45 58 ≤12
WLS-500 24 45 61 78 ≤12

(Note: Installation angle should be less than 25°)


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3. Q: What is your delivery time?
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A: We use anticorrosion wooden cases with foam inside for packaging.

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