Split Body Fully PTFE Lined Seat Water Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Suppliers


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Split Body Fully PTFE Lined Seat Water Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

This fully PTFE lined butterfly valve is suitable for use with water, oil, and gas. It can be operated manually, with a worm gear, electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically. The valve is designed for flange connection.

Product Description:
Fully PTFE lined butterfly valves are highly robust, ensuring long trouble-free operation. The body liner is made from a solid billet of PTFE, which offers outstanding corrosion resistance. This makes the valve suitable for use with corrosive substances such as sulphuric or hydrochloric acids.

Advantages of PTFE Lined:
– Chemical inertness, except for fluorine, its derivatives, and extremely violent reducing agents
– Low friction coefficient
– Little absorption of water
– Non-toxic
– Non-inflammable
– Excellent resistance against weather
– An affordable substitute for rare and expensive metals
– Low operational expenses due to long service lives, lack of maintenance requirements, and ease of installation
– Exceptional corrosion resistance throughout a broad temperature and pH range
– Suitable for use in applications involving multi-component mixtures
– Designs that follow current international standards for a hazard-free environment and low probability of failure
– No media contaminant in the flow

– CE


1. Are you a trading company or factory?
We are a manufacturing factory and also have our own exporting license.

2. Do you have a certificate?
Yes, we have ISO, FDA, LFGB, CE, and PED certificates. We also have some patents in design.

3. How do you control the quality?
In quality control, the most important aspect is to avoid material mixing. In our factory, we use Spectro PMI machines in the raw material warehouse, production plant, and dispatch plant. We also have pressure inspecting machines, PMI machines, RA roughness spectacles, hardness testing machines, and other inspection equipment. Our staff inspects the production process and the finished products to ensure quality.

4. If there is any quality problem, how do you solve it?
We take pride in never letting a customer leave unsatisfied. If there is a quality problem, we offer replacement, compensation, or resending goods to customers, depending on the condition. We will discuss the best solution based on the specific situation.

5. How long is your delivery time?
For normal products, the delivery time is 7-10 days. For bulk orders, it is 15-25 days. The delivery time depends on the specific order.

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We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products, favorable prices, and considerate service. We welcome customers to contact us for customized orders based on their drawings or samples.


1. Can I customize the product according to my specific requirements?
Yes, we offer customization services. Please provide us with your specific requirements, and we will work with you to meet them.

2. What materials are used for the plastic gears?
Our plastic gears are made from high-quality materials such as nylon, ensuring durability and reliability.

3. Can I get a sample before placing a bulk order?
Yes, we can provide samples for first-time cooperation. Please contact us for more details.

4. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Our MOQ is 1 piece, making it easy for customers to start cooperation with us.

5. Do you provide material certificates for the gears?
Yes, we can provide material certificates, mill certificates, pressure testing certificates, roughness certificates, and other certificates upon request. Please let us know your requirements when inquiring.