Toco Motion Rack and Pinion for General Industry Machinery


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Toco Motion Rack and Pinion for General Industry Machinery

The Toco Motion Rack and Pinion is a reliable and high-quality gear system designed for general industry machinery. It is commonly used in machinery and laser cutting machines. The tooth surface is hardened for improved hardness and durability. The gear position is external, and the manufacturing method is either ground or milled. The toothed portion shape can be straight or helical. The material options include S45c or Scm440.

The Toco Motion Rack and Pinion offers a range of features and benefits, including:

– Available in sizes ranging from Module 1.5 to 10
– Repeatability of up to ± 0.01mm
– Powerful rack and pinion drives for reliable movements
– Extremely compact frame with high inherent stiffness
– Designed for high-temperature resistance and long service life
– Improved rigidity, smaller size, easy maintenance, and improved accuracy

When operating the Toco Motion Rack and Pinion, it is important to ensure that the conditions are within the rated values stated in the technical information. Avoid dust, debris, and foreign objects from entering the rack and pinion system. The operational temperature should be below 80 ºC. Special environments such as vacuum, vibration, clean room, corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures, humidity, liquid splashes, or heavy loads require confirmation with TOCO before use. For vertical installations, proper braking is recommended to prevent the slider from falling.

Maintenance of the Toco Motion Rack and Pinion includes lubricating the product before initial use. Use the recommended type of grease and avoid mixing different types. For normal operating conditions, it is recommended to check the operation every 100km, clean, and supply grease onto the rack and pinion.

The Toco Motion Rack and Pinion is packaged in either cartons or wooden cases. The delivery time is 15 days after receiving payment. Shipping options include express delivery or by sea.

TOCO also offers a wide range of other products, including ball screws, linear guides, linear bearings, ball screw support units, linear modules, and more. These products are suitable for various industries such as automatic controlling machines, semiconductors, medical equipment, solar energy equipment, and more.

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