Vertical Conical Mixer Double Screw Mixer for Plastic Powder and Granules in Solar Energy Industry


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Vertical Conical Mixer Double Screw Mixer for Plastic Powder and Granules in Solar Energy Industry

This product, the Vertical Conical Mixer Double Screw Mixer, is a type of mixer used in the solar energy industry for mixing plastic powder and granules. It is a Double Screw Cone Mixer that works based on the principle of convection mixing. The stirring type is forced, ensuring efficient and thorough mixing.

The application of this mixer is versatile, as it is suitable for mixing liquid with suspended solids, powder, viscous fluid, liquid, and granules. It is certified with CE and ISO. The layout type is vertical, making it space-saving and easy to integrate into existing production lines.

Customization is available for this mixer, allowing for specific requirements to be met.

Product Description:

The Vertical Double Screws Mixer operates with the screws rotating along their self-axes while also revolving along the central axes of the conical container. This dual motion creates a planetary conical mixer effect. The working forms in the cylinder are as follows:

A. Rotation: The helical blades raise the material.
B. Revolution: The material runs in a circular motion inside the container.
C. Rotation combined with revolution: This action allows the material to be absorbed by the screw and dispersed by centrifugal forces.
D. Upgraded material fall down: Due to gravity, the materials move up and down, inter-diffuse, and convect with each other in the mixer’s full orientation space.

The application of this mixer is wide-ranging. It can be used for powder-powder, powder-grain, powder-liquid, and grain-grain mixing scenarios.

– DSH-0.3: Working capacity – 0.18L, Working capacity – 200KG, Revolution/Rotation – 3.5/120, Power – 3kW, Weight – 500kg
– DSH-0.5: Working capacity – 0.3L, Working capacity – 300KG, Revolution/Rotation – 3.5/120, Power – 3kW, Weight – 600kg
– DSH-1: Working capacity – 0.6L, Working capacity – 650KG, Revolution/Rotation – 3/78, Power – 4kW, Weight – 1200kg
– DSH-2: Working capacity – 1.2L, Working capacity – 1200KG, Revolution/Rotation – 3/78, Power – 5.5kW, Weight – 1500kg
– DSH-3: Working capacity – 1.8L, Working capacity – 1800KG, Revolution/Rotation – 3/78, Power – 7.5kW, Weight – 2300kg
– DSH-4: Working capacity – 2.4L, Working capacity – 2500KG, Revolution/Rotation – 1.8/65, Power – 11kW, Weight – 2520kg
– DSH-6: Working capacity – 3.6L, Working capacity – 3600KG, Revolution/Rotation – 1.6/65, Power – 15kW, Weight – 3700kg
– DSH-10: Working capacity – 6L, Working capacity – 6000KG, Revolution/Rotation – 1/65, Power – 18.5kW, Weight – 3980kg
– DSH-15: Working capacity – 9L, Working capacity – 9000KG, Revolution/Rotation – 1/65, Power – 22kW, Weight – 4500kg
– DSH-20: Working capacity – 12L, Working capacity – 12000KG, Revolution/Rotation – 1/44, Power – 37kW, Weight – 5500kg
– DSH-30: Working capacity – 18L, Working capacity – 18000KG, Revolution/Rotation