Window and Door Machine 1200 High Speed CNC Drilling and Milling Machine


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Window and Door Machine 1200 High Speed CNC Drilling and Milling Machine

This high-speed CNC drilling and milling machine is designed for drilling holes, milling grooves, and processing round holes and special-shaped holes in aluminum alloy profiles. It is suitable for various applications in the window and door industry.

Product Features:
– The machine is equipped with the Taiwan Syntec CNC Control system for precise control.
– It uses an electric spindle, which ensures high precision, safety, and reliability.
– The X-axis is equipped with a high-precision helical gear and rack, while the Y and Z axes use high-precision ball screw transmission, ensuring steady transmission and high precision.
– The machine is programmed to automatically transform and process G code, making it easy to operate and highly efficient with low labor intensity.
– The workbench can turn 180° in -90°, 0°, and +90° positions, allowing for three-sided section processing by clamping materials only once. It can also process deep and special-shaped holes through workbench turning, ensuring high efficiency and precision.

Product Photos:
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Packaging & Shipping:
– For big machines and full container loads, they are usually wrapped in stretch film.
– For open top container loads, the equipment is covered with top-grade plastic overcoat and tarpaulin to protect it from moisture and water.
– For less than container loads, the machine is fixed with an iron frame and packed in a standard export wooden case.

After Sales Service:
– We provide 24-hour technical support by phone or email and offer a 1-year warranty period.
– Our senior engineer is available for traveling abroad to assist with installation, maintenance, and training.
– By offering comprehensive support, we ensure a smooth start to your business and aim for a mutually beneficial partnership.

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