Worm Endless Gear Endless Screw


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Worm Endless Gear Endless Screw

The Worm Endless Gear Endless Screw is a nonstandard gear screw used in various industries. It features a right-handed rotation spiral line and multiple heads. The reference surface is a cylindrical surface, and the product has a standard M value of 2.

Samples of the Worm Endless Gear Endless Screw are available for purchase at US$1 per piece with a minimum order quantity of 1 piece. Customization options are also available upon request.

Product Description:
– Products: Transmission Customized Stainless Steel 303 Worm Precision CNC machining parts
– Materials: Stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, or as per requirement
– Dimensions: According to customer’s drawing
– Surface treatment: Blacking, polishing, anodize, chrome plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, tinting, or other as required
– Packing: Plastic bag, carton, plywood box, or as per customer’s requirements
– Processing equipment: CNC machine, CNC machining center, CNC cutting machine, radial drill, universal milling machine, high precision surface grinding machine, chamfering machine, etc.
– QC System: 100% during production check and random samples before shipment
– Available for OEM and ODM
– MOQ: Negotiable
– Ports: Ningbo or Shanghai
– Delivery: Samples in 7-15 days, batch production in 30 days

Special products can be customized according to customer requirements. We, at Nblangchi Transmission Technology, are a professional manufacturer of lead screws, nuts, valve screw rods, worms, and worm gears. These products are widely used for transmission, lift, push-and-pull, and fastening in various industries. We specialize in one-start lead screws, multi-start thread screws, left-hand and right-hand screws. Our products comply with GB standard, German standard DIN103, and American Standard ACME. The material options for screws include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. Nuts can be made from brass, tin-bronze, Al-bronze, POM, carbon steel, cast iron, and free-cutting steel. We offer customization for lead screws, nuts, and M0.5-M6 modulus worm and worm gear as per your request.

Our products find applications in smart home, elderly chairs, smart lifting tables, smart door openers, smart window openers, smart lifts, valves, farming machinery, sports equipment, and more. We cater to both domestic and international markets, with a focus on Europe and America. Our products are well-received by customers, and we aim to build long-term cooperation relationships by offering competitive prices and providing free samples for reference.

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Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries or customization options. We, at EVER-POWER GROUP, specialize in the supply of various plastic gears used in the industry. Our products are of high quality, offered at favorable prices, and backed by considerate service. We welcome customers to come for drawing or sample customization.

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