Zlyj 250 Hard Faced Gearbox for Extruder Machines


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Zlyj 250 Hard Faced Gearbox for Extruder Machines

This Zlyj 250 Hard Faced Gearbox is a high-quality transmission part designed for extruder machines. It is made according to DIN, GB, and JIS standards using the forging technique. The gearbox features a helical gearing arrangement and an input speed range of 600-1500rpm. It is made of metal, ensuring durability and reliability.

Product Description

The Zlyj 250 Hard Faced Gearbox is designed to be used in various extrusion and blowing machinery. It can handle high-speed shaft rotation speeds of up to 1500RPM. The gearbox is suitable for working in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 45°C. In colder temperatures, it is recommended to pre-heat the lubrication oil to above 0°C.

Major Technical Index

– Output Speed: 16-100 RPM
– Output Torque: Max. 4300 Nm
– Motor Power: 5.5-200 Kw

Selection of Gearbox

1. Select the appropriate speed ratio based on input and output speeds.
2. Choose the model type based on the input power of your application.
3. Determine the assembly type, either horizontal or vertical.
4. Calculate the axial thrust based on the screw diameter and pressure.
5. Confirm the connection size.
6. Select the cooling type based on your specific requirements.

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